For the near future, people must make a reservation to visit the Zoo.

To make a reservation, please logon to If you are a Zoo Society member, you will not have to buy a ticket to make a reservation, but you will have to fill out a reservation form to verify your membership and receive your timed and dated reservation ticket.
When you fill out your reservation form, you will be asked to enter your membership identification number (it is on your membership card) and an expiration date for your membership. Do not enter the expiration date that is printed on your membership card. Instead, you must calculate a NEW Expiration Date for your membership and enter that new date in the reservation form.
To calculate your NEW Expiration date, add four full months to the date printed on your card.
Figuring out your NEW Expiration date can be a little tricky because all Zoo Society memberships expire on the last day of a month. So, if your NEW Expiration Date lands in February, your membership will expire on the 28th. If your New Expiration Date occurs in April, June, September, or November, the membership will end on the 30th. For all other months, your New Expiration Date will take place on the 31st.

If you encounter any problems in locating your membership identification number, calculating your new expiration date, or making a reservation please call 336-879-7250 or 888-244-3736 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. any day of the week to speak with a Society staff person who will help you through the process.

As an NC Zoo Society member, you can make a reservation that admits everyone included in your membership. For example, if you have a family or grandparent membership that admits two adults named on the card and three children, you may make reservations for these five people to visit. If your membership admits two named adults, three children, and one "add-on," or one "plus" you can make reservations to admit these six people.

Once you make your reservation, you will receive an email confirming the date and the time you should arrive at the Zoo. Print out this email and/or save it on your smartphone. You will have to show this receipt to enter the Zoo.

On the date and at the time of your reservation, please come to the Zoo's North American entrance at the appointed time. Have your North Carolina Zoo Society membership card, a photo I.D. and your reservation confirmation in hand when you arrive at the entry gate. The photo I.D. must match the name one of the people listed on your membership card.

Plan to arrive no more than 30 minutes before or after your entry time. Early arrivals will have to wait in the parking lot until the proper time. Latecomers will miss out on their chance to enter. (Sorry! But, we promise to do all we can to keep you and our other guests safe!

We encourage everyone to wear a mask over his or her nose and mouth inside the Zoo. Wearing a mask will make it safer for our more vulnerable guests to visit and see their favorite animals, and your mask will also protect our staff and our precious animals. If you arrive without a mask, you will be able to buy one at a Zoo gift shop.

Visit to begin the application process and to learn more details about how the Zoo will protect you and your loved ones while you are in the Park.