VIP Tours

It's Time to Make Plans for Some Fun in 2021!
Please note, no VIP tours are available from November 1 - February 28.

Check out the behind-the-scenes experiences we are offering in 2021. Give them as gifts or treat yourself!

Be assured. We have put precautions in place to protect our animals, staff, and guests from COVID-19

An Amazing Experience...

PUBLIC VIP TOURS are exciting, fun, and educational, but we structure them to protect the health and safety of our animals and guests. Guidelines limit the number of people who may attend each tour and specify how old a child must be to be included in a tour. (Download COVID-19 Guidelines for VIP Program Participants.)

Click on the button below to learn more about these tours and to access a complete listing of available tours. Select any tour option for additional details and guidelines about each.

The price listed for each tour is the price per person.

Please keep in mind that tour admission prices are tax-deductible as a donation to the NC Zoo Society and that all donations are used to support the North Carolina Zoo's wildlife conservation programs. Tour prices do not cover Zoo admission fees.

Questions about the VIP Tour program may be directed to:

Jayne Owen Parker, PH.D.
NC Zoo Society

Private Behind the Scenes Tours

Individuals may schedule private tours for any of the options available in our Public VIP tour program. Private tours last about an hour and are scheduled on a date selected by the buyer. Each private tour group is limited to the buyer and his or her guests. Private tours are limited to four to six people, depending on the tour, and a paying adult must accompany any child younger than 16.

The price listed covers the entire tour group. (Download COVID-19 Guidelines for VIP Program Participants.)

Please note that the non-member price provides the buyer with a one-year Family Membership to the North Carolina Zoo Society. This membership provides a family (e.g., two adults and their minor children living in a single household) with 12 months of free admission to the North Carolina Zoo and access to other benefits as well.


All or nearly all of the purchase price is tax-deductible as a donation to the NC Zoo Society, the private non-profit organization that supports the NC Zoo.