VIP Public Tour 2023 – Red Wolf Howl

Tour Details

Tour Date
September 30.  To sign up for this tour, click on the photo dated Sept. 30 below.

Tour Time and Meeting Place

Meet at 6:30 p.m. in front of the Stedman Education Building, the two-story glass and concrete building adjacent to the North American parking lot.

Maximum Group Size

Minimum Age
10 years old

ADA Status
ADA Accessible

Join Society tour guides on this after-hours walk into the park to howl at the Red Wolves and listen for them to howl back! Don’t be surprised, though, if our bull Elk chimes in with a bugle or a lion’s roar rises out of Africa.  A fun time to see the Zoo in dim light, try to catch a glimpse of some native wildlife wandering through the Park, and hopefully hear some distant calls from the world’s second-largest remaining pack of American Red Wolves.  Wear comfortable shoes and a coat or sweater, depending on the weather. It can get chilly after hours.

Our Commitment to Safety

To ensure the safety of our guests and staff, we limit the number of people attending different tours and have minimum age requirements for children to attend. Children must be 10 or older to attend this program. 

This program is ADA-accessible, but please leave a note on your order form to inform us about potential mobility concerns. Guests will take a short, but uphill, walk to the Bison-Elk habitat to howl at the wolves. We want to be prepared to assist anyone who may have difficulty with this climb.

If you have questions or concerns, please email them to or, if you prefer, you can call her at 336-879-7273.

TO SIGN UP FOR SEPTEMBER 30 Tour, click on the photo dated September 30 below