Strange Tails: What Life is Like
as a Veterinarian at the N.C. Zoo

Join us for one or more wild evenings listening to Zoo staff members share some of their favorite stories about caring for the exotic animals at the North Carolina Zoo.
Dr. Jb Minter, the Zoo’s Director of Animal Health, leads this four-part series of conversations about the challenges associated with caring for exotic animals. Each evening, Dr. Minter will bring in Zoo professionals to offer their unique perspectives on the intrigue, humor, and oddities that enliven staff’s daily encounters with wildlife, both large and small.
Our event’s host, Four Saints Brewing Company, will brew a small batch of specialty beer to complement each evening’s topic and tails.

These events will all be held at the Four Saints Brewing Company in Asheboro and will begin at 7:30. Tickets are $25 each. Purchase a ticket to all four events to receive a $20 refund of the total price. (The refund will be applied after your purchase.)

Ticket price covers an informal dinner, one beer, and one raffle ticket for a chance to win an original painting created by one of the Zoo's animals.

Four Saints Brewing Company and SSA Caterers are underwriting the costs for this event. All proceeds will support the Zoo’s Conservation Medicine Programs.

Serpents’ Tails

January 27
The perfect way to satisfy your curiosity about the ways that the Zoo staff cares for its venomous snakes.
Join Dustin Smith, Curator of Herpetology, as he and Dr. Minter talk about the ways that meet the needs of rattlesnakes and similar venomous snakes.
Learn, too, how staff researches these animals and what state-of-the-art medical procedures are in place to keep these serpent friends healthy.
Space is limited. Click here to purchase your tickets to listen in on the Serpents' Tails.

Backyard Tails

April 27
The Zoo operates The Valerie H. Schindler Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, which provides exceptional veterinary care to injured, sick, and orphaned native animals—like the ones that live in your backyard.
Listen in on a conversation with Veterinary Technician, Halley Buckanoff. She manages the team that cares for the birds, turtles, otters, rabbits, black bears, etc., that arrive at the center needing help.


Space is limited. Click here to purchase your tickets to listen in on the Backyard Tails.

Apes Without Tales

August 3
Listen in on Dr. Minter's conversation with a team of primate experts: Curator of Mammals Jennifer Ireland and Animal Management Supervisors Chris Goldston and Jodi Wiley.
They will discuss the techniques the Zoo uses to care for its great apes (its Gorillas and Chimpanzees) as well as some of the medical advances that are increasing the longevity of the great ape family—great apes and their close relatives, the lesser apes, are the only primates that lack tails!
Space is limited. Click here to purchase your tickets to listen in on the Apes Without Tails.

All American Tails

October 12
The North Carolina Zoo operates the world's second-largest breeding facility for the nearly extinct American Red Wolf, North American's most endangered canid.
Be witness to a conversation about what Chris Lasher, a Zoo Animal Management Supervisor and the coordinator of AZA's Red Wolf Species Survival Plan, is doing to help save this species from extinction.
Space is limited. Click here to purchase your tickets to listen in on the All American Tails.