Veterinary Care

The Zoo's Veterinary Division...

...sees to the medical needs of all the animals at the Zoo, provides world-class training opportunities for aspiring veterinarians, and contributes to international field research in Africa and in North America. Donations to this program will support the veterinary needs of animals served by the Zoo or its wildlife rehabilitation center, educational opportunities provided to veterinary residents and interns, or field programs that provide veterinary support to conservation research.

General Veterinary Care

At times, the Zoo's veterinary staff requires highly specialized equipment that must be purchased quickly or that cannot be provided through the state budgeting process. In these situations, the Zoo Society will step in purchase these items. Please use the form below to make a donation in support of general veterinary care at the Zoo.

Veterinary Conservation Research

Donations to the Zoo Society fully fund the Veterinary staff’s Conservation Medicine Program, which carries out research, provides training and purchases equipment related to the medical needs of rare and endangered species. For example, this program monitors the health of wild snakes found on the Zoo's grounds, surveys amphibian populations for disease, and studies the pharmacokinetics of white rhinos.