The Maggie Fund

The staff of the North Carolina Zoological Society is mourning the loss of Branson Joe Langley, the dedicated and beloved arborist who died in an incident at the North Carolina Zoo on July 18, 2019. We will miss him, and we, as an organization, have decided to honor his memory and his life by establishing a trust fund to provide support to his precious 9-year old daughter, Maggie. This “The Maggie Fund” will be used to further her education and help her achieve all the dreams that her father wished for her.
Individuals can donate to The Maggie Fund, by mailing a check to the North Carolina Zoo Society or by donating online. Please address mail-in donations to The Maggie Fund; In the care of The North Carolina Zoo Society; 4403 Zoo Parkway; Asheboro, NC 27205.
Donate online below:
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Please note that donations to The Maggie Fund do not qualify as donations to the North Carolina Zoo Society and are therefore not tax-deductable.