Sylvan Heights Bird Park

Did you know that the largest collection of waterfowl in North America is right here in North Carolina? 

The North Carolina Zoo Society is a key sponsor of Sylvan Heights Bird Park, a leading conservator and breeder of rare and endangered waterfowl species.

Sylvan Heights exhibits the world’s largest collections of waterfowl species and supports a world-renowned captive breeding facility for rare and endangered ducks, geese and swans. In 1997, the NC Zoo Society took Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park under its wing to ensure the facility's continued success. The facility is home to 161 species of birds—more than half of the world's known species of ducks, geese and swans—along with rare species of parrots, cranes and other birds. 

The Sylvan Heights Bird Park operates under the direction of rare-bird expert Mike Lubbock. Director Lubbock's fame draws biologists, veterinarians, researchers and bird enthusiasts to the Park to learn about breeding birds. He has received 16 world-first breeding awards during his career.

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