Special American Red Wolf Puppy Adoption

Three litters in three days! WOW! Just like that, the North Carolina Zoo added a dozen new puppies to a nationwide breeding program intent on saving the American Red Wolf—the world’s rarest member of the dog family—from extinction! Kudos to the Zoo’s breeding efforts and its leadership role in protecting the only exclusively American wolf species and the only wolf to have ever called North Carolina home.
This special adoption celebrates these momentous births. Your purchase (which provides a tax-deductible donation to the North Carolina Zoo Society) will help the Zoo continue to expand its American Red Wolf breeding facilities and its efforts to restore these wolves to the wild.

Adoption Levels and Benefits*

Puppy Lover
Your adoption package arrives with an official adoption document bearing your name and an authentic replica of a pawprint taken from one of the North Carolina Zoo’s pups. You also receive an American Red Wolf plush, zookeeper notes about the American Red Wolf species, and a color photo of the pick of a litter.  Click here to adopt.
Litter Mate
Your Litter Mate adoption arrives with all of the items listed above and includes a special commemorative American Red Wolf keychain celebrating the 2021 births of a dozen American Red Wolves at the North Carolina Zoo.
Click here to adopt.
Pick of the LItter
$550 –
Your Pick of the Litter Adoption arrives with all of the items listed in the paragraphs above and includes a handsome gold-colored wolf lapel pin—perfect for waiting on a lapel or as a tie tack.
Click here to adopt.



Leader of the Pack

Click here to adopt.

Your Leader of the Pack adoption package arrives with all of the items listed above—and we will include your name among the list of major donors recognized in the North Carolina Zoo Society’s 2021 Annual Report.

In addition, for a limited time, you and three of your guests will have the option of participating in one of the following experiences: Chris Lasher will lead both events, the North Carolina Zoo’s American Red Wolf Manager and the Population Manager for all American Red Wolves under human care.
  • Come into the Zoo early—before it opens to the public—to meet Population Manager Chris Lasher and present when keepers invite the pups to come out and romp in their habitat. (Pups being pups, should romp, but we cannot guarantee it!). Coffee, orange juice, and a boxed continental breakfast will be provided.) (Available only in spring and early summer)


  • After the Zoo closes, stick around to eat pizza. meet American Red Wolf Manager Chris Lasher and head into the Park for a nighttime walk to the American Red Wolf habitat to attend an evening Wolf Howl! A keeper will do some howling and try to get a chorus of 5 or 6 or more wolves howling back! (Available only in late summer and fall)
* Benefits supplies are limited. We will substitute items of equal or greater value if any of these items become unavailable.