Ride-and-a-Guide Programs!

The Basics of Booking a Tour

To begin the process of booking one of these tours, call Karen Powell (336.879.7262) or Lisa Smith (336.879.7251) so they can find out which tour interests you and the date that you want to come. 

  • Keep in mind that these tours are available on most weekdays throughout the year, but we do not schedule tours on weekdays that fall on major holidays or when schools are closed for spring breaks.
  • To give us adequate time to arrange your outing, call at least two weeks before the date that you plan to visit.

The cost of a tour varies with the duration of the tour and the membership status of these people.
When your tour is over, you are free to continue to visit the Zoo on your own.

The prices listed below cover the total cost of touring one to five people in a single golf cart. Groups containing more than five people may hire a second cart for an additional $100.

1.5-hour (one cart) – An experienced guide will showcase as many animal habitats as possible during the allotted time. Once the tour ends, guests are free to explore the Zoo on their own.
Cost: $150 for members* and $165 for non-members (includes admission to the Zoo)

2-hour tour (one cart) – Hop aboard and create a memorable visit!
Cost: $200 for members* and $225 for non-members (includes admission to the Zoo)  

3-hour tour (one cart)* – Visit all of the Zoo's iconic animals as well as your personal favorites.
$300 for members and $350 for non-members 

*Current North Carolina Zoo Society members receive a discount on the tour price as a benefit of their membership.

Other Tour Options

Meet & Greet Tour
A customized 4-hour tour that includes lunch and a scheduled meeting with one of the stars featured on Nat Geo Wild – Secrets of the Zoo, North Carolina.
Cost: $750 for members and $800 for Non-Members (one cart)

Horticulture Tour
Glean gardening tips from a Horticulture professional and enjoy all things green during this two-hour experience at the Zoo
Cost: $200 for Members and $225 for Non-Members (one cart)

Or Add Some Special Options to a Basic Tour

Hire Additional carts,  $100 per cart
Enjoy a Boxed Lunch: $15/adult  $10/child
Behind-the-Scenes at One Habitat habitat - $600.**

**Age restrictions apply to all behind-the-scenes tours.
  Children must be at least:
  5 to attend the Desert or Polar Bear & Puffins (Family);
  6 to meet and feed the Giraffes;
  8 to attend the Gorilla or Rhino tours
 10 to attend the Black Bear tour
12 to attend the Chimp, Elephant, ir Polar Bear & Puffin (adult) tours.