Donation Dashboard

Welcome to the North Carolina Zoo Society’s new Donation Dashboard. We created this page to make it easier for our donors to specify the programs they want to support with their gifts. To make a donation, click on the Learn More! button below that coincides with your interest, and you will be linked to a new page that lists current Zoo programs related to that area of interest.

  • Growing the
    Help us expand the Zoo with new and special exhibits…
    Seasonal Appeals • Building Asia
    Special Exhibits
  • Providing the Basics
    Give to the General Fund for the Zoo’s most basic needs…
    Target your donation, or let the Zoo decide how best to apply your support
  • Caring for
    Support the work of the Zoo’s veterinarians…
    Ensure our vets have what they need to care for animals in the Zoo and in the wild
  • Saving Vulnerable Species
    Be a part of the Zoo’s conservation work world-wide
    African Elephants • Polar Bears • Vultures
    Cross River Gorillas • Hellbenders
  • Teaching the World
    Help the Zoo teach the next generation of wildlife leaders
    Zoo Education Programs • UNITE
    Animal Ambassadors
  • Investing in the Zoo
    Make a long-term commitment to the Zoo’s future
    Planned Giving • The Lion’s Pride
    Randolph Friends of the Zoo
  • Honoring a
    Loved One
    Acknowledge a friend or relative with an honorarium or memorial
    Honorariums and Memorials
  • The Zoo’s Most Pressing Needs
    Help protect the Zoo’s programs, its animals and its future.
    Invest your gift where it will do the most good!
  • Lucille Strickler Award
    Give to Box Turtle Conservation
    Help us protect the Carolina Box Turtle