Donation Dashboard

Welcome to the North Carolina Zoo Society’s new Donation Dashboard—a page we created to make it easier for donors to specify how we use their gifts.

To make a donation, click on the topic below that coincides with your interest and the link will take you to a page that lists ongoing Zoo programs related to that topic.


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  • Growing the
    Help us expand the Zoo with new and special exhibits…
    Spring Appeal • Building Asia
    Stingray Cove • Special Exhibits
  • Providing the Basics
    Give to the General Fund for the Zoo’s most basic needs…
    Target your donation, or let the Zoo decide how best to apply your support!
  • Caring for
    Support the work of the Zoo’s veterinarians…
    Ensure our vets have what they need to care for animals in the Zoo and in the wild
  • Saving Vulnerable Species
    Be a part of the Zoo’s conservation work world-wide
    African Elephants • Polar Bears • Vultures
    Cross River Gorillas • Hellbenders
  • Teaching the World
    Help the Zoo teach the next generation of wildlife leaders
    Education programs at the Zoo • UNITE
    Remote programs
  • Investing in the Zoo
    Make a long-term commitment to the Zoo’s future
    Planned Giving • Honorariums/Memorials
    Randolph Friends of the Zoo