COVID-19 Emergency Fund

The Zoo has faced the spread of COVID-19 with all the courage it could muster. Our staff has unfailingly returned to care for all that we hold dear—the animals, the plants, the facility, and, most importantly, each other. No one has failed to appear or has shirked their duties.

Everyone carries on with their masks in place, as much to protect their co-workers, our guests, and the animals as to keep themselves safe from harm. We are following all the guidelines to protect people’s health and stabilize the state’s economy. When the Park closed temporarily to guests, the staff and the animals missed everyone so much that we want to do all we can to keep that from happening again. We will mask. We will sanitize. We will social distance.

While we keep cleaning and carrying on, we ask those of you who can to consider giving something—no matter how small—to help the Zoo regain its financial footing. During the months that guests could not visit, the Zoo continued to care for the animals without being able to earn any income. The revenue losses were enormous.

Now, we are in recovery, but it will take time to regain what we lost. So, if you can, please consider making a donation now. Your gift will help the Zoo begin to restore some of its losses and ensure that its animals, guests, and conservation work can continue to thrive.

We know that this is a difficult time for everyone, but if you are able, please consider giving something to help the Zoo make it through the uncertain weeks and months ahead. 
It will help us keep the animals safe and the Zoo ready to open its doors to you, our family, again as soon as it is safe to do so. Thank you. And, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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