COVID-19 Emergency Fund

The Zoo has faced the spread of COVID-19 with all the courage it could muster. Our staff has unfailingly returned to care for all that we hold dear—the animals, the plants, the facility, and, most importantly, each other. No one has failed to appear or shirked their duties.

Now that vaccination programs and other preventive measures have successfully slowed the spread of COVID-19, the Zoo is reopening its programs and beginning to return to normal. All of its habitats are open, and visitors are lining up to see the animals, feed the giraffes, ride the carousel, and enjoy all of the other events offered inside the Park.

We are so grateful to see guests filling up the walkways and enjoying the Zoo with their families. As our guests return, the Zoo is finally able to begin earning some of the revenue that it needs to feed the animals, pay its staff, and keep the Park clean and operating smoothly. While selling tickets and opening up the gift shops will provide funds to keep the Zoo moving forward, these sales will not make up for all the revenue the Zoo lost while it was closed to the public. These losses were enormous and will take years to recover. That is why we are asking the Zoo's friends to consider making a donation—no matter how small—to help the Zoo recover from these losses. Your gift will help the Zoo make repairs, buy supplies, and restore services that had to be postponed or suspended because of revenue losses last year.

We know that this is a difficult time for everyone, but if you are able, please consider giving something—no matter how small—to help the Zoo make it through the weeks and months ahead. Your gift will help us ensure that our animals, our staff, and our guests can continue to enjoy and thrive inside the Park. Thank you. And, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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