Building Asia

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Roaring Back to Tigers and Dragons

The Zoo is preparing to dish some dirt in its quest to add an Asian and, later, an Australian continental region to the Park. This fall, backhoes and bulldozers will roll into the Zoo to lay the groundwork for building Phase I (Asia) of this expansion. When Asia is finished, the new 10-acre addition will be the wildest and most wonderful change that the Zoo has made in years.

The Asian experience will begin on the farside of an exotic bridge that opens onto a lush, meandering pathway. That path will lead to encounters with Tigers, Komodo Dragons, Gibbons, and other species living in spacious natural habitats. There will be play areas along the way, too, including a sleep-over spot near some of the wildlife. Best of all, this proposed new continent is just Phase 1 of a long-term, three-tiered plan to add habitats and wildlife from Australia and, eventually, the Amazon Basin to the Zoo.

Because of the strong financial support offered by the State of North Carolina and a growing list of individual, corporate, and foundation donors, the Zoo is close to securing the funds it needs to complete Asia and to flush out plans for the proposed Australian addition. Only when Asia is completed and Australia is well on its way, will the Zoo be ready to initiate Phase 3, adding an Amazonian exhibit to the Zoo.

For now, though, all eyes are on Asia and the construction work that will begin at the Zoo this fall. We hope that you will add your name and your support to the list of donors who are already helping us carry these plans forward. By making a gift now, you will help bring Tigers and Dragons into the Park, support our efforts to add Australia to the mix, and push the Zoo closer to its promise to bring a world of wildlife and learning to North Carolina!

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