Help us put Zoo guests Back in Touch with Wildlife!

The Zoo wants to add a Human Certified® Touch Tank to the Park. The new habitat will put children and adults in touch with two species of rays (Stingrays and Cownosed Rays) as a way to incorporate lessons about Ocean ecology and wildlife diversity into its education programs.
The touch tank will meet or exceed the animal welfare standards required for AZA accreditation and will provide a setting that encourages children and adults to touch and bond with unfamiliar species. Educators will always be on-hand to instruct guests on proper and respectful ways to interact with the rays and to talk about their needs and behaviors.
The habitat will open each spring and close each autumn so that the rays can overwinter in a warm and roomy aquarium managed by Living Exhibits in Florida. Living Exhibits will build, oversee, and manage this habitat to ensure the health and well-being of these animals.


We hope that you are as excited as we are about adding this touching new habitat to the Zoo. It will allow the Zoo to begin teaching about marine animals in a setting designed to promote empathy and compassion toward these strange and wonderful creatures!

Thank you for helping the zoo put its guests back in touch with wildlife!
Please take note: Donors Giving $200 or more will receive five tickets to visit Stringray Cove after it opens and will receive an invitation to attend a private, premier opening of th new habitat.


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