Growing More Wild and More Wonder

We're ready to push forward with the Zoo's plans to bring Tigers, Komodo Dragons, Red Pandas, and other Asian species to the Park. The new continental region will be the wildest and most wonderful addition to the Zoo in years—and will advance the Zoo's outreach programs to help protect endangered and rare species in the wild.

As we move forward, the Zoo’s curators, educators, rangers, and visitor service personnel are working together to make your future visits more exciting, more fun, and more educational than ever before. Their goal will always be to provide experiences that will bring joy, laughter, love, and learning to you and your family.

Please make your donation now to support the Zoo's expansion, us continue this vital journey by donating to our annual fund. Your gift will support the construction of the Asian continental region, and will help the Zoo Society ensure a solid future for the Zoo and for its programs that protect animals in the wild.