Growing More Wild and More Wonder

The Zoo is preparing to dish some dirt as it pushes forward in its quest to add an Asian and, later, an Australian continental region to the Park. We expect backhoes and other heavy machinery to roll into the Zoo later this fall to begin excavating and laying the groundwork for building Asia. When their work is done, guests will see Tigers, Komodo Dragons, Gibbons, and other Asian species living in spacious natural habitats. This new continental region will be the wildest and most wonderful addition to the Zoo in years—and will advance the Zoo's outreach programs to help protect endangered and rare species in the wild.

And, that is not all. As the Asian habitat cluster takes shape, staff will be busy planning the Zoo's next big thing—adding an Australian region to the Park. Taken together, these two additions represent the most significant expansion undertaken during the Zoo's history.

With financial support from the State of North Carolina and a growing list of individuals, corporations, and foundations, the Zoo is well on its way to securing the funds it needs to build both of these habitat clusters and fill your future visits more excitement, fun, and learning than ever before.

We hope you see the joy and educational opportunities these additions will bring to North Carolina families and school children and that you will add your name to the list of donors helping us reach this goal. Every gift will advance the Zoo's missions to teach and inspire guests to learn about wildlife and become advocates for protecting animals around the world.