Our three hopes for the North Carolina Zoo - May it Grow Bigger, Better, and Wilder

These three little words  Bigger, Better and Wilder sum up our hopes for the North Carolina Zoo.
May it grow bigger every year by attending to the animals it cares for and the guests who visit to learn about the world, about wildlife, and about nature.
May it grow better by always pushing to achieve new heights in animal well-being and by committing to serve the needs of its guests and stakeholders as well as its wildlife.
May it grow forever wilder by investing in programs and services that protect wild places as well as wild animals and that promote responsible conservation practices at home and abroad.
With your help, we can provide the resources the Zoo needs to translate these hopes into realities. By donating now, you can help ensure that the Zoo is prepared to bring new exhibits and animals into the Park and to maintain and expand its educational, research, and conservation programs.

Your gift will help secure passage to bring an amazing variety of new species into the Zoo, will ensure their health and well-keeping into the future, and will engage the Zoo as a partner in conservation programs that protect these species in the wild.

Please support the Zoo's efforts to expand its protection of the wildlife, the wild places, and the wildly wonderful learning experiences that you and your family have come to cherish over the years.

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