Happy New Yearling!

2023 Has Been a Very Good Year at the Zoo!

Infant giraffe Fenn— all 6 feet and 150 pounds of him—was just one of many significant births and hatchings at the Zoo this year. Since January 2023, seven American Red Wolves*, three Arabian Sand Cats*, 1 Brush-tailed Rat-kangaroo*, two Chimpanzees*, four Horned Puffins, 14 Virgin Island Boas*, and an assortment of lizards, tortoises, fish, beetles, bats, and other infants have arrived at the Zoo.

While we celebrated each of these births and hatchings, we were doubly joyful when parenthood blessed any of our endangered species (marked with asterisks in the list above). Each of these infants brought hope to the future of their mother species and affirmed the Zoo’s commitment to protecting wildlife and inspiring people to value animals and the environment. Each blessed event also reinforced our awareness of the ways the Zoo benefits North Carolina’s citizens—from its leadership role in conservation and education programming to its accessibility as a safe and wholesome family recreation facility.

As the non-profit organization that raises funds and engenders public support for the Zoo, we understand that many of these benefits depend on the generosity of people like you. You, our members and supporters, help sustain and broaden the Zoo’s reach and achievements.

Because the Zoo cannot continue to grow and prosper without people like you, we hope you will reaffirm the value you place on the Zoo’s program by making a donation to address the Zoo’s most pressing needs. By allowing the Zoo to invest your gift where it will do the most good, you can help ensure that the Zoo can continue protecting wildlife while inspiring and enchanting guests well into and beyond 2024.

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