VIP Public Tour 2024 – Black Bear and Grizzly Bear

Tour Details

Tour Dates: March 16 (sold out), April 27 (sold out), June 1 (sold out), July 20, September 14, October 26.  (Tours are available year-round)

Tour Time and Meeting Place: 1:30 p.m.; Guests meet at the Grizzly Bear Exhibit.

Minimum Age: 10 years  – A paying adult must accompany any child younger than 16.

Tour Overview:  This tour usually ends around 2:45 a.m. Guests go behind the scenes with zookeepers to observe how they train and interact with both bear species. Keepers will discuss their role in providing behavioral enrichment activities to the bears and how they evaluate the success of these activities.

ADA Status: This tour is ADA-accessible, but some walking is required across uneven terrain. Please note mobility issues on the tour order form so we can be prepared to assist guests if necessary.


Our Commitment to Safety

Safety Notes: To accommodate the needs of our guests and staff, we limit the number of people attending this tour to 10.

Guests may not approach or try to touch any of the Zoo’s bears and must follow the keepers’ and guides’ instructions on where to stand during the presentations. We want to do all we can to keep everyone safe and ensure that our bears remain comfortable and stress-free during the programming.

Current Health Requirements:  Guests are not currently required to wear masks or gloves to participate in this tour. However, the Zoo may need to implement some health measures (e.g., requiring guests to wear gloves) if new or more serious medical hazards emerge to threaten the well-being of our animals, guests, or staff. Guests will be notified by email before their tour if the Zoo changes this policy. 

Tour Specifics: This tour is available year-round. No minimum temperature is required, but the bears tend to be less active during the winter months.