Amazon Wish List


The North Carolina Zoo provides vast, complex habitats for its animals and supports their well-being through species-specific enrichment programs that encourage and reward a wide range of natural behaviors. These enrichment programs use healthy foods, novel sensory experiences, puzzles, toys, and other interactions to engage the animals in solving problems, exploring their living spaces, and pouncing, running, jumping, and playing just as they would in the wild. By stimulating the animals physically and intellectually, enrichment programs ward off boredom, encourage healthy exercise routines, and add variety and a sense of control and accomplishment to the animals’ daily lives. 
The cost of replenishing and, at times, fabricating suitable and safe enrichment supplies prompted the Zoo Society to create a wishlist of items that keepers have requested for their animal enrichment programs. We maintain the wishlist so that potential donors can review the items and consider purchasing one or more of them to enrich the lives of a favorite or favored species.
If you buy an item from this list, Amazon will ship it directly to the North Carolina Zoo Society, and our staff will turn your gift over to the keepers. If you want to receive a tax deduction for your purchase, just send an email to describing your purchase. When it arrives, the North Carolina Zoo Society, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, will mail you a receipt for your gift and a note of thanks for your generosity. To review the wish list or to make a donation, just click here