Full Moon Rising Wolf Howl

(September 10th, 2022)
The Program Begins at 8:15

Asheboro will be treated to the sight of a full moon rising at 8:06 p.m. on Saturday, September 10th. As the moon begins to climb, we will usher about 20 guests into the Zoo’s Stedman Education Building and set out on an adventure to tour parts of North America to listen for the sounds of wolves howling in the moonlight.
The North Carolina Zoo houses more than 30 American Red Wolves—a highly endangered species—in a conservation area that is not open to the public. That means we won’t be able to see these wolves, but we hope we will hear them howl. Because the Zoo’s 30 wolves make up the second-largest group of this species living anywhere on Earth, hearing them howl will be a rare and wonderful experience indeed.

This event will last an hour to an hour and a half and will include a slow and easy walk past several wildlife habitats, including Polar, Black, and Grizzly bears, and Elk and Bison. Spoiler alert, guests may catch glimpses of some of these animals and hear lions roaring, an elk bugling, frogs calling, or some bison snorting during the evening.
This after-hours VIP adventure is intended for adults and children ten years old and older. Participants should arrive dressed for the weather and wearing comfortable walking shoes.

Guests will enter through the Stedman Education Building and walk to and from the wolf exhibit with our staff guides.
This event costs $100 for each member and $115 for each non-member.  Purchase your tickets by clicking here.