Something New at the Zoo

New and Fun for the Whole Family -- Ride through the Zoo on a Rydables


Just the Basic Facts

Age: Must be age 12 to ride alone. Adults, at least 18 years old, can ride with a child in front.

Cost: $5 activation fee and .33 a minute), no time limit.

Rental: Available at the North America and Junction plazas for rent.  Look for signs in the plazas to find instructions for downloading the app to use in paying for a ride on a Rydables.

Rydables have small pouches on the sides to store your belongings.

Rydables are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. We sanitized the Rydables between rentals. The weight limit for these scooters is 350 lbs.

Learn more about joining the Rydables' Roundup, click here.