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Planning to join online? Good news! You can use your email receipt and a picture ID to enter the Zoo as a member until your card arrives.

ATTENTION: North Carolina Zoo Society Members,

Please go to the Members-only Express Entry ticket booth for quick and easy access to the Zoo. These booths are on the far left when you approach the Zoo from the parking lots. To enter the Zoo as a member, you must present a Picture Identification Card with your North Carolina Zoo Society membership card.

ATTENTION: Guests visiting as members from a partner or reciprocating institution, 

Before you visit, review the Zoo Society's current list of reciprocating partners. This list differs slightly from the reciprocal list maintained by AZA because some institutions modify the discounts available to people who belong to nearby zoos or aquariums. The list that AZA maintains does not acknowledge these exceptions, but our list does.

As a matter of policy, the NC Zoo Society reciprocates in kind with all partner institutions. If an institution grants our members free admission, we admit their members without charge. If an institution offers our members a 50 percent discount, we respond in kind. The list we maintain on our website reflects these isolated reciprocity changes, so guests from other institutions are asked to refer to our list to verify our relationship with their member organizations.

To enter as a member from a reciprocating facility, present a valid membership card (or an official receipt from a recent membership purchase) and a picture ID at the Zoo Society's members-only ticket booth. This booth is on the far left when you approach the Zoo entrance.

COVID Protocols Currently in Place The Zoo no longer requires guests to wear masks in public areas inside the Park. Guests participating in behind-the-scenes tours and veterinary camps are still required to wear masks in non-public areas. For the latest news concerning COVID restrictions, please visit the North Carolina Zoo's website at https://www.nczoo.og.


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Donations made in Payton's memory will be used to make the world safer for Polar Bears. Read More

If you are a Corporate Member of the Zoo Society, you can use your Corporate Membership Card or your Corporate Membership Tickets to enter the Zoo free, too.

Click here to find instructions for using your VIP Corporate Membership Card or your Corporate Tickets to gain free admission to the Zoo.

Need to call the Zoo Society? Our phone number is 336-879-7250 (Office hours are 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday-Friday)